O-ring mechanical seals

     Single spring mechanical seals with o-rings are designed with two seal rings/faces with one interface and the pressure of the seal faces not well-distributed  even for the large shaft sizes.The materials for seal rings or faces can be carbon/ceramic,carbon/sic,sic/sic,tungsten carbide/tungsten carbide,ssic/ssic and so on depending on the sealing fluids.The stationary face is secured to a pump housing and the rotary face rotates with the pump shaft and runs against the mating face with a stable flowing film on the interface between the seal face and the mating ring and the rotary parts with elastic spring components move axially in a flexibly to have a proper contact with the stationary face to have a thin and stable flowing film to keep pumps from leakage.

Mechanical seal DY53A,DY53B,DY53N

mechanical seal DY53A,DY53B,DY53N

Mechanical seal DY47,DY47F

mechanical seal DY47,DY47F

Mechanical seal DY52P

mechanical seal DY52P

Mechanical seal DY33,DY33A

mechanical seal DY33,DY33A

Mechanical seal DY57-XX,XXA

mechanical seal DY57-XX-XXA

Mechanical seal DY155,DY155B

mechanical seal DY155,DY155B

Mechanical seal DY155C

mechanical seal DY155C

Mechanical seal DY420

mechanical seal DY420

Mechanical seal DY47P

mechanical seal DY47P

Mechanical seal DY104

mechanical seal DY104

Mechanical seal DY412

mechanical seal DY412

Mechanical seal DY508

mechanical seal DY508

Mechanical seal DY350

mechanical seal DY350

Mechanical seal DY309

mechanical seal DY309

Mechanical seal DY250

mechanical seal DY250

Mechanical seal DY46

mechanical seal DY46

Mechanical seal DY40

mechanical seal DY40

Mechanical seal DY521

mechancial seal DY521

Mechanical seal DYSD

mechanical seal DYSD

Mechanical seal DY523

mechanical seal DY523

Mechanical seal DY445

mechanical seal DY445