Mechanical seals

 A mechanical seal prevents rotating equipment leakage,such as water pumps,centrifugal pumps,mining pumps,mixers, agitators boilers and etc.

All the mechanical seals have rotating parts and stationary parts including  basic components: mechanical seal faces, seal rings, secondary sealing elements,springs and hardware.The seal face and the mating ring are the heart of the end-face mechanical seals

Mechanical seal DY816-35

mechanical seal DY816-35

Mechanical seal DYGRF-XX

mechanical seal DYGRF-XX

Mechanical seal DY816-60

mechanical seal DY816-60

Mechanical seal DYAPV-WP-25

mechanical seals DYAPV-WP-25

O-ring mechanical seal DY41

mechanical seal DY41

Mechanical seal DYF09-90


Automotive pump seal DYSB3B

automotive pump seal DYSB3B

Metal bellow seal DY706

metal bellow seal DY706

Mechanical seal DYAPV-W-25

mechanical seal DYAPV-W-25

Mechanical seal DYGRF

mechanical seals DYGRF

Automotive pump seal DYSB3A

mechanical seal DYSB3A

Mechanical seal DY816

mechanical seals DY816

Mechanical seal DYTLJ-100

cartridge seal DYTLJ-100

Mechanical seal DYRMB-80A

cartridge seal DYRMB-80A

Mechanical seal DYHID-1.500

mechanical seal DYHID-1.500

Mechanical seal DY51-DY512-DY513-DY520

mechanical seal DY51-DY512-DY513-DY520

Mechanical seal DY53A,DY53B,DY53N

mechanical seal DY53A,DY53B,DY53N

Mechanical seal DY47,DY47F

mechanical seal DY47,DY47F

Mechanical seal DY52P

mechanical seal DY52P

Mechanical seal DY33,DY33A

mechanical seal DY33,DY33A

Mechanical seal DY58P,DY59P

mechanical seal DY58P,DY59P

Mechanical seal DY58A,DY59A

mechanical seal DY58A,DY59A

Mechanical seal DY49P

mechanical seal DY49P

Mechanical seal types are classified into single spring & multi-spring & wave spring mechanical seals,metal bellow & cartridge mechanical seals,rubber bellow & double face mechanical seals,PTFE bellow & wedge mechanical seals,flushing & quenching mechanical seals etc.Dyseals are able to make mechanical seals with high quality and competitive price.