Sic and ssic shafts

Products Mode: Sic/silicon carbide shafts,sintered silicon carbide/ssic shafts
silicon carbide shafts: sic shafts
sic shafts: sintered silicon carbide shaft
sintered silicon carbide shafts: ssic shaft
ssic shafts: silicon carbide shaft
Silicon carbide shafts are designed to save wear and tear when the shafts rotates and basically work as bearings. There are two silicon carbide sintering methods: pressureless sintering and reaction bonded sintering. Both of them are characterized with good resistance to corrosion and friction and endurance of high temperature in spite of some differences in the property. They can be designed for shafts used in mechanical products requiring high precision and sealing. Silicon carbide shafts are used in high pressure pumps, magnetic pumps and shield pumps etc.

silicon carbide shaft and bush manufacturing methods:

Isostatic pressing method is applied to make silicon carbide shafts and bushes/sleeves/bushings for the products are forced uniformly and evenly and densified uniformly so they are not easy to be deformed and the tight tolerances of silicon carbide shafts and bushes/sleeves/bushings can be obtained for the tolerances for the outside diameter is only + 0.015mm