Mechanical seal DY53A,DY53B,DY53N

Products Mode: Mechanical seal DY53A,DY53B,DY53N
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mechanical seal for water pumps: mechanical seals for sewage pumps
The series of mechanical seals DY53 are designed with large springs and o-rings for water pumps,waste water pumps and chemical pumps and the stationary seal parts T9,t4,t6 and C13 etc. can be available, combined with its rotary seal parts.

Operating conditions:temperature where mechanical seal works:-20oC~180oC,pressure where mechanical seals operate:≤1Mpa,speed of shaft pumps:≤ 10m/Sec.Materials for pump seal faces or rings:stationary seal rings:ceramic/sic/silicon carbide/TC/tungsten carbide/sintered sic/ssic,rotary seal faces:carbon/sic/silicon carbide/TC/tungsten carbide/sintered silicon carbide/ssic,secondary sealing elements:NBR/EPDM/FKM,spring and Metal Parts:SUS304,SUS316.DY53 mechanical seal is just designed for a water pump,a waste water pump and chemical pump and so on.