Ssic bullet-proof plates and armours

Products Mode: Ssic/sintered silicon carbide bulletproof plates/armours
sintered silicon carbide bulletproof plate: silicon carbide bulletproof plate
silicon carbide body armor: ssic body armor
silicon carbide body armour: ssic body armour
Silicon carbide bulletproof plates and body armors can be made in two different methods: pressureless sintered silicon carbide and reaction bonded silicon carbide. In spite of existing property differences, both of them are good materials for bulletproof plates and body armors for the density and resistance to the shock are almost the same and they do not need to resist corrosion

Many standard sizes for bulletproof plates can be available and there are over 20 standard sizes to be selected and the shapes for bulletproof plates are in a hexagon and square. Hexagon silicon carbide plates are good designs for protection and all the silicon carbide plates can be arrayed orderly and pressed together to obtain enough strength