Sic & ssic bushes/sleeves/bushings

Products Mode: Sic/silicon carbide/sintered silicon carbide/ssic bushes/sleeves/bushings
sintered silicon carbide bush: sintered silicon carbide bushing
sintered silicon carbide sleeve: ssic bush
ssic bushing: ssic sleeve
silicon carbide bush: silicon csarbide bushing
silicon carbide sleeve: sic bush
sic bushing: sic sleeve
Two silicon carbide bush/bushing/sleeve sintering methods:pressureless sintering and reaction bonded sintering are applied in our compnay. The silicon carbide bushes/bushings/sleeves sintered in different way have different chemical and physical properties and the comprehensive performance of pressureless sintered silicon carbide/ssic is better than reaction bonded silicon carbide/sic。

      A bush,bushing/sleeve is designed to reduce the friction and to save wear of a moving shaft, basically with the same use of bearings and silicon carbide shafts and bushes/sleeves/bushings, with excellent resistance to corrosion,firction and high temperature, can be used in high pressure and magnetic pumps and so on.