Carbon mechanical seal rings or faces

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resin carbon seal ring: resin carbon seal face
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antimony carbon seal faces: anttimony carbon seal rings
antimony carbon seal face: antimony carbon seal ring
Carbon seal faces/rings have the smallest friction while matched with any other material: ceramic, silicon carbide(sic,ssic).The grades of carbon/graphite are carbon hot pressing,Inpregnated Epoxy Resin/M106H, Inpregnated Furan Resin/M106K and M120K, Inpregnated Phenol Aldehyde Resin F/M106F and M120F and Antimoy carbon M106D and M120D.

Carbon graphite seal rings or faces are typically molded to a rough shape before being impregnated with resin or metal binder Carbon fill with metal/antimony carbon seal faces or rings are especially subject to corrosion but a suitable resin filled carbon seal faces or rings can usually be found for most services. Carbon graphite seal faces or rings are not recommended for aqua regia, oleum or perchloric acid. Resin-impregnated carbon seal rings or faces  in common use are attacked by lithium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, sodium metophosphate, anhydrous ammonia, sodium diphosphate and sodium cyanide. A metal filled carbon graphite seal face or ring is generally better in strength, hardness and modulus of elasticity than resin filled carbon graphite seal faces or rings.