Bushings/sleeves and shafts

   The sleeves/bushes/bushings and shafts in silicon carbide/sic,ssic/sintered silicon carbide,tungsten carbide/TC and the sleeve/bushing/bush & shaft of ceramic 99%/aluminium oxide 99%, ceramic 99.5%/aluminium oxide 99.5% and carbon/graphite are widely used in the magnetic pumps, shield pumps, multistage pumps, hydraulic pumps, chemical pumps, centrifuges and so on for ceramic has a low friction and a good resistance to wear.

99% ceramic shafts and bushes

Ceramic 99% shaft/bush/bushing/sleeve,99% ceramic shafts/bushes/sleeves/bushings

99.5% ceramic shafts and bushes

99.5% ceramic shaft & bush/sleeve/bushing, ceramic 99.5% shafts/bushes/bushings/sleeves

Sic and ssic shafts

Sic/silicon carbide shafts,sintered silicon carbide/ssic shafts

Sic & ssic bushes/sleeves/bushings

Sic/silicon carbide/sintered silicon carbide/ssic bushes/sleeves/bushings

Bronze, brass and copper bushes

Bronze/brass/copper bushes/sleeves/bushings