Mechanical seal DY46

Products Mode: mechanical seal DY46
Working Conditions of mechanical seals DY46: Mediums:Water, oil, acid, alkali, ,etc. Temperature:-30oC~200oC Pressure: ≤1Mpa Speed: ≤ 10m/Sec Combined Materials of seal faces: Stationary Ring(Ceramic/SiC/TC) Rotary Ring(Carbon/SiC/TC) Secondary Seal(NBR/EPDM/FKM/Teflon) Spring and Metal Part (Steel)

Positive displacement water pumps,sometimes called rotary pumps,are very efficient due to the fact that they remove air from the lines and thus eliminate the need to bleed the air.These pumps are also effective for dealing with high-viscosity liquids so mechanical seals of displacement water pumps are very important and should be cosidered and selected carefully