Ssic mechanical seal rings or faces

Products Mode: pressureless sintered silicon carbide/ssic
alpha silicon carbide seal face: as a mechanical rotary seal face
pressureless silicon carbide seal ring: as a mechanical stationary seal ring
silicon carbide seal face hot pressing sintering method is given simply:silicon carbide powder(compounded and processed)is pressed axially and heated simultaneously and it is a sintering workmanship to put the high temperature and high pressure together.The performance of silicon carbide seal faces is good but it is not easy to produce in a mass.scale.

silicon carbide/sic seal face isostatic pressing sintering method is simplified as follows:a high pressure(200 Mpa)made by the inert gases or nitrogen in a sealed container and a high temperature(at least 1000) press silicon carbide uniformly and evenly in all directions and the density of silicon carbide/sic seal faces is much better with better homegeneity and performance than other methods.