99% and 95% ceramic mechanical seal rings or faces

Products Mode: Ceramic 99% & ceramic 95% seal ring/face, 99% ceramic& 95% ceramic seal faces/rings
ceramic seal ring/face: dyseals china
99% ceramic seal face/ring: dyseals china
95% ceramic seal face/ring: dyseals china
Ceramic seal faces/rings manufacturing process According to the exact required ceramic grades/99.5% ceramic,99%ceramic and 95% ceramic, the ceramic raw powder and additives are mixed to meet the different content requirements and the mixture will be milled and ground with small ceramic balls to be processed into the powder with the required granular sizes, and then it can be pressed into the different shapes and configurations with different molds. The pressed ceramic will be placed into the electric or gas furnaces to be sintered. After being sintered the ceramic seal faces/rings go to the grinding workshops.Finally the ceramic faces/rings go to the lapping machines. and there will be a final inspection for lapped products.

The ceramic seal faces/rings are classified into three grades:95% ceramic seal faces/rings,99% ceramic seal faces/rings,99.5% ceramic seal faces/rings according to the contents and of course there are some chemical and physical property differences among them which you find in the material property in our web. A ceramic seal face is charaterized with good resistance to corrosion and friction and can work properly in a lower temperature compared to silicon carbide seal face/ring,but in a higher temperature compared to a carbon seal face/ring.