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Sic mechanical seal rings or faces

silicon carbide/sic mechanical seal face/ring

Ssic mechanical seal rings or faces

pressureless sintered silicon carbide/ssic

Tungsten carbide(TC) mechanical seal rings or faces

tungsten carbide/TC mechanical seal ring/face

Mechanical seal DY816-35

mechanical seal DY816-35

Mechanical seal DYGRF-XX

mechanical seal DYGRF-XX

Mechanical seal DY816-60

mechanical seal DY816-60

Mechanical seal DYAPV-WP-25

mechanical seals DYAPV-WP-25

O-ring mechanical seal DY41

mechanical seal DY41

Carbon mechanical seal rings or faces

carbon mechanical seal ring/face

99% ceramic shafts and bushes

ceramic99% shaft/bush/bushing/sleeve

99.5% ceramic mechanical seal rings or faces

99.5% ceramic mechanical seal ring/face

99.5% ceramic shafts and bushes

99.5% ceramic shaft & bush

Sic and ssic shafts

sic/silicon carbide,sintered silicon carbide/ssic

99% and 95% ceramic mechanical seal rings or faces

ceramic99% & ceramic95% seal ring/face

Sic & ssic bushes/sleeves/bushings

sic/ssic bush/sleeve/bushing

Ssic bullet-proof plates and armours

ssic bulletproof plate/armour

Boron carbide bullet-proof plates

boron carbide bulletproof plate

Ceramic bullet-proof plates and armours

ceramic bulletproof plate/armour

Mechanical seal DYF09-90


Automotive pump seal DYSB3B

automotive pump seal DYSB3B

Metal bellow seal DY706

metal bellow seal DY706

Mechanical seal DYAPV-W-25

mechanical seal DYAPV-W-25

Mechanical seal DYGRF

mechanical seals DYGRF

Automotive pump seal DYSB3A

mechanical seal DYSB3A