Rubber bellow mechanical seals

      Rubber elastomer mechanical seals are designed with rubber bellows. Rubber provides the secondary seal between each seal face and adjacent seal ring. One seal ring is fixed statically using an o-ring or cup gasket.The other is spring-loaded and requires a semi-dynamic seal to accommodate some axial play,such as a dynamic o-ring in pusher-type mechanical seal face seals or elastomeric bellows in non-pusher ones.The semi-dynamic applications(involving flexing and sliding of the elastomer)can be crital for maintaining proper contact between the faces through face friction,shaft movements etc.

Mechanical seal DY51-DY512-DY513-DY520

Mechanical seal DY51-DY512-DY513-DY520

Mechanical seal DY216

mechanical seal DY216

Mechanical seal DY21

mechanical seal DY21

Mechanical seal DY60

water pump seal DY60

Mechanical seal DY502

mechanical seal DY502

Mechanical seal DYCR

mechanical seal DYCR

Mechanical seal DY108

mechanical seal DY108

Mechanical seal DYFBD

mechanical seal DYFBD

Mechanical seal DYBIA

mechanical seal DYBIA

Mechanical seal DY570

mechanical seal DY570

Mechanical seal DY20

mechanical seal DY20

Mechanical seal DY16

mechanical seal DY16

Mechanical seal DY215

mechanical seal DY215

Mechanical seal DY24

mechanical seal DY24

Mechanical seal DY443

mechanical seal DY443

Mechanical seal DY301

mechanical seal DY301

Mechanical seal DY560A

mechanical seal DY560A

      Multiple spring mechanical seals are designed with multiple springs in the compensating parts and pressure of the springs are relatively well-distributed,suitable for pumps with high speed and large diameters. The weak point is that the diameter of the spring is small so that the granular crystals will make the spring fail.