99.5% ceramic shafts and bushes

Products Mode: 99.5% ceramic shaft & bush/sleeve/bushing, ceramic 99.5% shafts/bushes/bushings/sleeves
99.5% ceramic bush/shaft: dyseals china
99.5% ceramic bushing/sleeve: dyseals china
ceramic bush/shaft: dyseals china
ceramic bushing/sleeve: dyseals china
high purity ceramic bush/shaft: dyseals china
high purity ceramic bushing/sleeve: dyseals china
Ceramic pump shaft manufacturing process applies an isostatic pressing method to make the ceramic shafts to pressed uniformly and evenly so that the deformation of sintered ceramic shaft becomes small to keep the tight concentricty and all the tight tolerances including the outside diameters.

99.5% ceramic with high purity and high performance is a good material to be made into the shaft, sleeves/bushings/bushes with tight tolerances. Our compnay has made the ceramic industry standard in china and is a drafting unit. The tolerance of the outside diameter of the ceramic shaft/shafts can reach + -0.0075mm. There are three grades of ceramic to choose: 99.5% ceramic, 99% ceramic and 95% ceramic and the ceramic shaft/shafts have good abrasion, corrosion resistance and good surface finish.