Mechanical seal rings or faces

   The mechanical seal ring or face is the axially flexible member of the end-face mechanical seal. The design of the mechanical seal ring must allow for minimizing distortion & maximizing heat transfer considering the secondary sealing element, drive mechanism, spring and ease of assembly.The mechanical seal ring/face always contains the diameter balance. The shape of the seal rings/faces may vary considerably according to the incorporation of various design features. In fact, the shape of the mechanical seal rings/faces is often the most distinct identifying characteristic of mechanical seals.The mechanical seal faces/rings are mainly made of pressureless sintered silicon carbide/alpha silicon carbide/alpha sic/ssic, silicon carbide/sic,ceramic 99.5%,ceramic 99%,ceramic 95%,tungsten carbide/TC,carbon graphite and sometimes the mechanical seal faces/rings are chrome coating of the stainless steel.

Sic mechanical seal rings or faces

silicon carbide/sic mechanical seal face/ring

Ssic mechanical seal rings or faces

pressureless sintered silicon carbide/ssic

Tungsten carbide(TC) mechanical seal rings or faces

tungsten carbide/TC mechanical seal ring/face

Carbon mechanical seal rings or faces

carbon mechanical seal ring/face

99.5% ceramic mechanical seal rings or faces

99.5% ceramic mechanical seal ring/face

99% and 95% ceramic mechanical seal rings or faces

ceramic99% & ceramic95% seal ring/face

seal rings or seal faces are main parts of mechanical seals and dry pressing and sintering is utiliezed to make seal faces or seal rings and welocme to co-operate with us for mechanical seals and mechanical seal faces or rings in silicon carbide,ceramic,tungsten carbide and carbon etc.