Automotive pump seals

    Automotive pump mechanical seal/automotive water pump seals have played a very important part in automotive industry. Automotive pumps are belt-driven centrifugal pumps where coolant is circulated through the pump system while the engine is operating. Automotive pump seals are characterized with integral and split types.The materials of an automotive pump seal are mainly the seal face in carbon and the seal ring in ceramic and the secondary sealing elements in NBR,Viton,Epdm,HNBR. Some times silicon carbide mating rings are selected to match the seal rings in carbon,which is thought to be as the most ideal combination.Our company has been equipped with an automotive pump seal assembly line and 30 years production experience  enables us to supply the high quality mechanical seals.

Automotive pump seal DYSB3B

automotive pump seal DYSB3B

Automotive pump seal DYSB3A

mechanical seal DYSB3A

Automotive pump seal DYSB3E

automotive pump seal DYSB3E

Automotive pump seal DYSB2D

mechanical seal DYSB2D

Automotive pump seal DYSB3C

automotive pump seal DYSB3C

Automotive pump seal DYSB3D

automotive pump seal DYSB3D

Mechanical seal DYSB2

automotive pump seal DYSB2

Mechanical seal DYSB2A

mechanical seal DYSB2A

Automotive pump seal DYSB2C

automotive pump seal DYSB2C

Mechanical seal DYSB2B

mechanical seal DYSB2B

Automotive pump seal DYSB3

automotive pump seal DYSB3