Mechanical seal DY309

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The following liquids can pose a corrosion risk: sea water, hydrochloric acid, some types of solvents, hydrogen sulphide, liquids with a high copper content, bases with a high pH value and some liquids containing a mixture of acids. Pump mechanical seals should be resistant to corrosion including mechanical seal faces, rubber parts and metal parts. The metal parts have to use 304 and 316L instead of metallurgy.

Working Conditions of mechanical seals DY309:
Mediums:Water, oil, weak acid,weak alkali etc.Temperature:-20oC~200oC Pressure: ≤2.5Mpa Speed: ≤ 20m/Sec
Combined Materials of mechanical seals DY309

Stationary mating rings(Steel/TC) rotary seal faces(Carbon/SiC/TC) Secondary Seal(NBR/EPDM/FKM) Spring and Metal Part (Steel)