Tungsten carbide(TC) mechanical seal rings or faces

Products Mode: tungsten carbide/TC mechanical seal ring/face
tungsten carbide seal face: as a mechanical rotary seal face
TC seal face: as a mechanical rotary face
Tungsten carbide(TC) is widely used as seal faces or rings with resistant-wearing,high fractural strength,high thermalconductivity, small heat expansion co-efficient.It is the best material to resist heat shock in all hard face materials

The two most common variations of tungsten carbide are cobalt bound and nickel bound. the seal faces of Nickel bound tungsten carbide is more corrosion resistant although the seal faces of the cobalt bound tungsten carbide is more than adequate for most services. Neither is as good as alumina. a tungsten carbide seal faces has a very high compressive and tensile strength, and has a high modulus of elasticity. The mechanical seals with tungsten carbide seal faces or rings can be used in pumps operating in fluids with sands or grains

Mechanical seal face/ring lapping and polishing

Lapping and polishing is very important to mechanical seal faces/rings.The mechanical seal faces/rings touch the grinding wheels with grinding compounds  in a moving way, The high precision can be obtained by the way of removing a extremely thin surface of mechanical seal faces/rings. The lapping and polishing improve the organizations of mechanical seal face surface and create a seal face surface to resist friction. Lapping and polishing makes the friction of seal faces smaller and promotes the surface energy and the resistance to corrosion and the polished seal surfaces look nice for the surface reflection co-efficient improves so they are easy to be checked by the optical parallel device