Mechanical seal DY250

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Working Conditions of mechanical seals DY250 Mediums:Water, oil, acid,weak alkali, ,etc. Temperature:-20oC~180oC Pressure: ≤1.2Mpa Speed: ≤ 16m/Sec Combined Materials of mechanical seal faces: Stationary Ring(Carbon/Ceramic/SiC/TC) Rotary face(Carbon/SiC/TC) Secondary Seal(NBR/EPDM/FKM) Spring and Metal Part (Steel)

A submersible water pump is a gadget  placed underwater  to pump with hermetically sealed motor, and works by propelling water to the surface. Submersible water pumping is often used in aquarium filters or swimming pools as well as in drainage and sewage systems.Mechanical seals in submersible pumps for sewage systems can be made of tungsten carbide and silicon carbide working as their faces and rings