Mechanical seal DY40

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Centrifugal pumps may need recirculating liquid to prevent overheating caused by low flows,filled with the pumped fluid. When the positive suction head is too low for the selected pump, it can result in cavitation, a condition where air bubbles form near the impeller, leading to shockwaves inside the pump and its mechanical seal,so the material seal faces should be a high thermal coeeficient with high resistantance to shock

Working Conditions:Mediums:Water, oil, acid,alkali, ,etc. Temperature:-30oC~200oC Pressure: ≤0.8Mpa Speed: ≤ 10m/Sec
Combined Materials:Stationary Ring(Ceramic/SiC/TC) Rotary Ring(Carbon/SiC/TC) Secondary Seal(NBR/EPDM/FKM/Teflon) Spring and Metal Part (Steel)