Mechanical seal DY51-DY512-DY513-DY520

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rubber bellow mechanical seals china: elastomer bellow mechanical seals china
This mechanical seals are organized with rubber bellows in NBR,FKM,epdm and etc and large springs which are not clogged and many standard sizes for the stationary seal rings can be available:P60,t4,P50,C606,t6 and T9,complying with DIN 24960 and ISO3069. the stationary secondary elements are in the shape of rubber cups and o-rings.

Mechanical seals are designed for centrifugal rotating shaft pumps, mixers, agitators and etc which pump or mix the fluids not corrosive to the synthetic rubber bellows. Mechanical seal rotate with pump shafts at a speed of less than 12m/sec and at a working pressure of less than 1.2 Mpa and at a limitted temperature from minus 30 degrees to 200 degrees. Carbon and silicon carbide and tungsten carbide materials can work as pump seal faces and ceramic,silicon carbide and tungsten carbide may operate as pump seal mating rings.