Mechanical seals

       What is a mechanical seal?

 A mechanical seal prevents rotating equipment leakage,such as water pumps,centrifugal pumps,mining pumps,mixers, agitators boilers and etc.

 All the mechanical seals have rotating parts and stationary parts including  basic components: mechanical seal faces, seal rings, secondary sealing elements,springs and hardware.The seal face and the mating ring are the heart of the end-face mechanical seals

      Mechanical seal Ranges

 Mechanical seal types are classified into single spring & multi-spring & wave spring mechanical seals,metal bellow & cartridge mechanical seals,rubber bellow & double face mechanical seals,PTFE bellow & wedge mechanical seals,flushing & quenching mechanical seals etc.Dyseals are able to make mechanical seals with high quality and competitive price.

     Where are mechanical seals used?

Mechanicals seal have replaced packing in many industrial fields.Rotating equipment,such as pumps,mixers,boilers,compressors and ect,require mechanical seals,alomst utilised in all industrial fields.

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Mechanical seal DY210

mechanical seal DY210

Double face mechanical seal DY560S

double face mechanical seal DY560S

Mechanical seal DYJOH-LP-XX

mechanical seal DYJOH-LP-XX

Mechanical seal DYJOH272-IN-XX)

mechanical seal DYJOH272-IN-XX)

Mechanical seal DY216-22L

mechanical seal DY216-22L

Mechanical seal DYG05-XX

mechanical seal DYG05-XX

Mechanical seal DYHID-1.50

mechanical seal DYHID-1.50

Mechanical seal DYALF-E-32

mechanical seal DYALF-E-32

Mechanical seal DY591

mechanical seal DY591

Mechanical seal DY46C-75

mechanical seal DY46C-75

Automotive pump seal DYSB3E

automotive pump seal DYSB3E

Mechanical seal DYSE-22

mechanical seal DYSE-22

Mechanical seal DY399-22

mechanical seal DY399-22

Mechanical seal DYFRI-Z-28

mechanical seal DYFRI-Z-28

Mechanical seal DYFRI-Z-21

mechanical seal DYFRI-Z-21

Mechanical seal DYG01-XX

mechanical seal DYG01-XX

Mechnaical seal DYG02-12

mechanical seal DYG02-12

Mechanical seal DYG04-XX

mechanical seal DYG04-XX

Mechanical seal DYG08-16

mechanical seal DYG08-16

Mechanical seal DYG08-XX

mechanical seal DYG08-XX

Mechanical seal DYG09-16

mechanical seal DYG09-16

Mechanical seal DYG10-24

mechanical seal DYG10-24

Mechanical seal DYFKH80-XX

mechanical seal YFKH80-XX

Cartridge seal DYFXV2577-1.875

cartridge seal DYFXV2577-1.875

   Mechanical seal catalogues are stored in Chinese version and please visit