Mechanical seals

 A mechanical seal prevents rotating equipment leakage,such as water pumps,centrifugal pumps,mining pumps,mixers, agitators boilers and etc.

All the mechanical seals have rotating parts and stationary parts including  basic components: mechanical seal faces, seal rings, secondary sealing elements,springs and hardware.The seal face and the mating ring are the heart of the end-face mechanical seals

Double face mechanical seal DY560S

double face mechanical seal DY560S

Mechanical seal DYJOH-LP-XX

mechanical seal DYJOH-LP-XX

Mechanical seal DYJOH272-IN-XX)

mechanical seal DYJOH272-IN-XX)

Mechanical seal DY216-22L

mechanical seal DY216-22L

Mechanical seal DYG05-XX

mechanical seal DYG05-XX

Mechanical seal DYHID-1.50

mechanical seal DYHID-1.50

Mechanical seal DYALF-E-32

mechanical seal DYALF-E-32

Mechanical seal DY591

mechanical seal DY591

Mechanical seal DY46C-75

mechanical seal DY46C-75

Automotive pump seal DYSB3E

automotive pump seal DYSB3E

Mechanical seal DYSE-22

mechanical seal DYSE-22

Mechanical seal DY399-22

mechanical seal DY399-22

Mechanical seal DYFRI-Z-28

mechanical seal DYFRI-Z-28

Mechanical seal DYFRI-Z-21

mechanical seal DYFRI-Z-21

Mechanical seal DYG01-XX

mechanical seal DYG01-XX

Mechnaical seal DYG02-12

mechanical seal DYG02-12

Mechanical seal DYG04-XX

mechanical seal DYG04-XX

Mechanical seal DYG08-16

mechanical seal DYG08-16

Mechanical seal DYG08-XX

mechanical seal DYG08-XX

Mechanical seal DYG09-16

mechanical seal DYG09-16

Mechanical seal DYG10-24

mechanical seal DYG10-24

Mechanical seal DYFKH80-XX

mechanical seal YFKH80-XX

Cartridge seal DYFXV2577-1.875

cartridge seal DYFXV2577-1.875

Mechanical seal DYCR

mechanical seal DYCR

Mechanical seal types are classified into single spring & multi-spring & wave spring mechanical seals,metal bellow & cartridge mechanical seals,rubber bellow & double face mechanical seals,PTFE bellow & wedge mechanical seals,flushing & quenching mechanical seals etc.Dyseals are able to make mechanical seals with high quality and competitive price.