Automotive pump seal DYSB3B

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automotive pump seal: carbon seal faces and ceramic mating rings are combined
water pump seal: carbon seal face and silicon carbide mating rings are paired
china water pump seal: carbon seal faces and ceramic matiing run against each other
The automotive water pump seals are designed with an integral part and the materials are in carbon seal face vs cramic seal rings with NBR, FKM or epdm.
china water pump mechanical seal: carbon seal face rotates with silicon carbide mating rings unmoving

DYSB3B automotive water pump seals can be applied in automotive centrifugal water pumps,oil pumps and weakly-corrosive pumps and and the pressure and temperature and the velocity of pump shafts is listed as follows:-20oC~100oC, ≤0.3Mpa,≤ 10 m/Sec.Materials for automotive pump seal rings are ceramic and silicon carbide/sic and the rotary seal faces are carbon and silicon carbide/sic.