Mechanical seal faces/rings

Silicon carbide is a man-made material not directly from nature but silicon carbide seal face and silicon carbide mating ring are good for pump mechanical seals
Grinding materials need to be selected according to the seal face/ring requirements.
silicon carbide seal ring and silicon carbide seal face are very important in pump mechanical seals.
silicon carbide(pressureless sintered silicon carbide/ssic and reaction bonded silicon carbide/sic) and tungsten carbide as mechanical seal rings/faces are compared
Sic is abbreviated from reaction bonded silicon carbide and ssic is from pressureless sintered silicon carbide, mechanical seal faces made of them are widely used in pump mechanical seals.
In a way mechanical seals are called end-face mechanical seals or pump shaft seals or pump seals and the rotary is called a seal face and the stationary is called a mating ring or a seal ring
pressureless sintered silicon carbide/ssic and reaction bonded silicon carbide/sic and ssic with carbon grains and sic with carbon grains are available. They are good materials of mechanical seal fac…
carbon/graphite is widely used as seal rings/faces of pump mechanical seals. How many kinds of carbon seal rings/face for mechanical seals?
Mechanical seals consist of seal faces and seal rings(mating rings), and why are they required to be lapped or polished?
Determination method of the heat shock of 99.5%,99% and 95% ceramic mechanical seal rings/faces
China National Standard references for mechanical seal faces/rings porosity defects related to ceramic seal faces/rings,silicon carbide seal faces/rings,tungsten carbide seal rings/faces and carbon s…
tungsten carbide seal rings/faces for pump mechanical seals with nicklel bound and cobalt bound
silicon carbide,ceramic,tungsten carbide and carbon are selected materials for mechanical seals but what are the thermal properties respectively?