Mechanical seal DY301

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water pump mechanical seals: china water pump mechanical seals
Water pumps are commonly used on construction sites for dewatering or removing excess water accumulation. Water can build up due to heavy rains or from a high water table, and pumps allow you to move the water quickly to minimize downtime.ceramic,carbon,silicon carbide and tungsten carbide can all work as seal faces of mechanical seals of water pumps

Working Conditions of pump mechanical seals DY301

Pumps:Water pumps and household pumps. Temperature:-20oC~100oC Pressure: ≤0.5Mpa Speed: ≤ 10 m/Sec  
seal mating rings:Ceramic/Silicon carbide/tungsten carbide

rotary seal faces:Carbon/Silicon carbide/tungsten carbide

secondary sealing elements:NBR/EPDM/FKM

Spring and stamped Parts:SUS 304 and SUS 316