Mechanical seal DY443

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spring mechanical seals: pump spring mechanical seal
resin carbon,silicon carbide and tungsten carbide can be selected as mechanical seal faces and ceramic,silicon carbide and tungsten carbide can work as mating rings repectively. DY443 mechanical seals can run in the water,oil and weakly corrosive fluids. they can operate properly in the temperature from minus 20 degrees to 150 degrees
spring mechanical seal: pump spring mechanical seals

the combination materials of DY443 mechanical seals are resin carbon vs ceramic,silicon carbide vs silicon carbide,and tungsten carbide vs tungsten carbide and NBR,FKM,epdm etc can be available as o-rings. the speed of mechanical seal shafts is less than 10m/sec and the seal working pressure is less than 0.8 MPa and the pump seal working temperature is limiited from minus 20 degrees to 150 degrees