Special mechanical seals

      Special mechanical seals are here described as the mechanical seals which are special for us and the special mechanical seals include all types of mechanical seals:O-ring mechanical seals,metal bellow seals,cartridge seals,PTFE bellow mechanical seals,PTFE wedge mechanical seals,rubber elasmoter mechanical seal,single spring mechanical seals, mutiple spring mechanical seals,automotive pump seals and etc. Self-production of mechanical seals can ensure the quality of mechanical seals. Tight conrol of all the mechanical seal parts are carried out from the raw materials incoming,some mechanical seal parts incoming. All the mechanical seal faces or rings are self-produced accoring to ISO9001-2015 quality systems. 

Mechanical seal DY816-35

mechanical seal DY816-35

Mechanical seal DYGRF-XX

mechanical seal DYGRF-XX

Mechanical seal DY816-60

mechanical seal DY816-60

Mechanical seal DYAPV-WP-25

mechanical seals DYAPV-WP-25

Mechanical seal DYAPV-W-25

mechanical seal DYAPV-W-25

Mechanical seal DYTLJ-100

cartridge seal DYTLJ-100

Mechanical seal DYRMB-80A

cartridge seal DYRMB-80A

Mechanical seal DYHID-1.500

mechanical seal DYHID-1.500

Mechanical seal DYF02-45

mechanical seal DYF02-45

Mechanical seal DYF10-90

mechanical seal DYF10-90

Mechanical seal DYF09-XX

mechanical seal DYF09-XX

Mechanical seal DYLOW-B-22

mechanical seal DYLOW-B-22

Mechanical seal DYF15-45

mechanical seal DYF15-45

Mechanical seal DYF12-24

mechanical seal DYF12-24

Mechanical seal DYF01-XX

mechanical seal DYF01-XX

Mechanical seal DYALF-SR4-45

mechanical seal DYALF-SR4-45

Mechanical seal DYJOH-LP-XX

mechanical seal DYJOH-LP-XX

Mechanical seal DYJOH272-IN-XX)

mechanical seal DYJOH272-IN-XX)

Mechanical seal DY216-22L

mechanical seal DY216-22L

Mechanical seal DYG05-XX

mechanical seal DYG05-XX

Mechanical seal DYALF-E-32

mechanical seal DYALF-E-32

Mechanical seal DY46C-75

mechanical seal DY46C-75

Mechanical seal DYSE-22

mechanical seal DYSE-22

Mechanical seal DY399-22

mechanical seal DY399-22