Mechanical seal DY49

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mechanical seals used in water pumps: mechanical seals for waste water pumps
the mechanical seal DY49 is designed with mutiple springs and a PTFE wedge in the rotary part and a PTFE gasket in the stationary part for chemical shaft pumps which handle fluids such as petroleum,chemical solvents,acids which are weak or medium grade corrosion

pump mechanical seal working conditions:
handling fluids:Petroleum, chemical solvents, weak and medium acids, etc. working temperature:-40oC~200oC. operating pressure: ≤1Mpa. speed of mechanical seal shafts : ≤ 20 m/Sec. compliant materials:stationary mating ring: ceramic/sic/silicon carbide/TC/tungsten carbide/sintered sic/ssic. rotary seal faces:Carbon/SiC/silicon carbide/TC/tungsten carbide/sintered sic/ssic. secondary Sealing elements: PTFE/Teflon wedges. spring and Metal Part: SUS304, SUS316L