Mechanical seal DY10T,DY10R

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PTFE bellow pump mechanical seals: PTFE bellow pump mechanical seal
mechanical seal bellows made out of teflon or glass-filled teflon combinations are designed for the extremes of corrosive environments, provides the advantages of the non-contacting bellows convolution. A drive collar is required to attach the tail section or the bellows to the shaft. Due to the requirements of flexibility, the convolutions must be considerably larger in cross-section than the typical elastomeric bellow design.

Working Conditions of DYWB2 series of mechanical seals is in the fluids of strong acid and alkali,such as sulfuric acid,hydrochloric acid,phosphoric acid,acetic acid,and nitric acid with avrious degrees,etc., in the temperature:≤120oC, in the pressure: ≤0.5Mpa and mechanical seal shafts rotate at speed of less than 10 m/Sec. the main materials of mechanical seal faces are ceramic and silicon carbide/sic, which have a good resistance to corrosion.