Double face mechanical seal DY208

Products Mode: DY208
water pump seals: used in water pumps which pump water from one to another place
sewage applications need silicon carbide and tungsten carbide as the working seal faces of mechanical seals DY208. Carbon vs ceramic can be used in pure water withour solids

Working Conditions of pump mechanical seals DY208:
Pumps:Submersible water pumps,sewage pumps,etc. Temperature:-20oC~100oC Pressure: ≤0.35Mpa Speed: ≤ 6 m/Sec
Combined Materials of pump seals DY208

Stationary mating rings(Ceramic/Silicon carbide/Tungsten carbide) Rotary seal faces(Carbon/Silicon carbide/Tungsten carbide) Secondary Sealing materials(NBR/EPDM/FKM) Spring and Punched Parts(Steel)