Advantages & disadvantages of O-rings in different materials in mechanical seals

2019-12-03 13:53:59

     O-Rings are the simplest and most popular secondary sealing element of mechanical seals, used successfully in a wide temperature range and a variety of fluids. O-rings are self-energizing seals and do not require much mechanical preloading which allows O-rings to be used at very high pressures. O-rings are offered in a complete range of chemical resistant and general working conditions. NBR, Neoprene,EPDM, Viton, and Kalrez are typical materials selected for a variety of service conditions. Teflon is not a good material for an O-ring, particularly when the it is to be dynamic. The encapsulated O-rings.are utilized to gain the chemical resistance offered by Teflon . The encapsulated “O” ring is sensitive to temperature fluctuations so encapsulated O-rings are usually recommended only for static sealing elements